Corals require both calcium and carbonates for their growth which will reduce the concentration of these ions in your aquarium water. Our new product BCK pro allows you to easily increase both calcium and alkalinity in a balanced way, with no increase of other salts. BCK is a white powder that can simply be distributed in the sump of your tank. Calcium and carbonate levels will increase within a few hours after adding the powder to your sump. BCK pro works best by adding it as a powder to your sump. Making a concentrated solution of BCK will result in precipitated lime and thus loss of soluble calcium and carbonates.

An additional advantage of using BCK pro is that it will stimulate the growth of bacteria which will reduce the levels of nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium. Due to this bacteria growth, we do advise to have enough surface movement or a decent skimmer to ensure a good oxygen level.

BCK pro also contains several trace elements which are needed for coral growth. However, adding Strontium, Iodide and Manganese will still be needed because these elements disappear from the aquariumwater faster than they are added with BCK Pro. To ensure sufficient levels of these elements we have SIM Trace+ in our product line.