SIM trace+

SIM Trace+ adds Strontium Iodide, Manganese and some other carefully balanced trace elements to your marine aquarium. Corals require trace elements in order to grow. Strontium, iodide and manganese are essential trace elements for the growth of coral, but disappear quickly from the tank by biological and chemical processes. To add these, in the right proportion, SIM Trace+ can be used, which contains these three trace elements in the right proportion. In addition we have found and added some other key elements that promote coral growth and color.

This is the first product that has managed to combine these elements successfully in one bottle. This makes it much easier for you to stimulate coral growth by simply adding some SIM Trace+ to your water. Because Strontium Iodide and Manganese disappear quickly, for best results SIM Trace needs to be added daily in small amounts. Within hours, the trace elements will be gone, but your corals will have had enough time to get them out of the water.

Dosage: Add 1 ml per 100 liters (3.3 oz per 26.5 gallon) of aquarium water daily.
Shake the bottle before use to dissolve any precipitation at the bottom.